1. Crumble meat and brown in saucepan.

  2. Add chopped vegetables and seasonings to meat and mix well.

  3. Cook until vegetables tender.

  4. Add pasta sauce (or ketchup).

  5. Cook a bit more until sauce thickens and mixture is consistent.

  6. Roll johnny cake dough 1/8 inch thick, keeping floured well. Turn, flour, and roll several times.

  7. Cut 6 inch cirles from dough.

  8. Spoon filling into center of circle. Do not overfill or pates will be difficult to seal.

  9. Wet outer edge of circle with water.

  10. Fold in half and seal. Crimp edge with fork. Flour, turn, and crimp other side with fork.

  11. Fry pates in 350 oil on each side until golden, turning to let each side cook.

  12. Remove and drain well.

This is how Bell makes them at Cow Wreck.

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